What Do I Get as a Member?

CPU: 8 cores

In the default state, we do not limit processor time for any VPS – if you need to compile something or you are at peak traffic, you have the full processing power at your disposal.

All VPS have a specific priority setting so that they don’t interfere with each other. The processing time of the physical machine processors is evenly distributed among the VPS that currently need it.

If, however, the VPS keeps using the assigned cores for more than a day or if the physical computer is very busy, the most active Virtual Private Servers will be limited to two cores only. When the problem is solved, we will revert the settings back to default. Write to our support.

Game servers operate by special rules. If a member runs more than five instances of game servers, the limit is changed to 50% of one core.

RAM: 4096 MB

Unfortunately, due to the fact that VPSes share a kernel, it is not (yet) possible to have either a swap partition or a swapfile in your VPS.

HDD: 120 GB

Further 250 GB that you can add via the network are available on an NAS.

IPv4 Address

One public IP address is always provided with each VPS. Each additional IP address costs 100 CZK per month so that we can help prevent the inefficient use of the ever shrinking supply of public addresses.

IPv6 Adress

If needed, all you need to do is ask for another one. There are enough IPv6 addresses available, so they are free.


Location Speed Monthly volume
Prague 1 Gbps 10 TB
Brno 300 Mbps 10 TB

The monthly volume is primarily a recommendation, it is possible to go over.

Remote Console

It happens to everyone from time to time that we accidentally black the SSH access to our server. For such cases, we have the console in vpsAdmin.

Regular Backups

The whole VPS is automatically and regularly backed up every day. The backup is then stored for 14 days.

NAS for Further Data

In the current era, defined by cloud computing and the general trend of moving data from desktops to data centers, additional storage space can come in handy. We offer our members 250 GB of space as a standard part of their membership benefits. The capacity of the NAS can be extended up to 2 TB (see payments). NAS is not backed up. We plan to add an option for regular backups in the future.

NAS is suited for data that is good to have, but data which you can afford to lose. For example backups of backups.

We talk about the NAS and how it is used in the vpsAdmin manual.


If you want to try something out, you can use Playground VPS. It is a full-fledged server where you can test a new configuration before implementing it.

Online Support

In case of problems with operation, there is always somebody from the active members online during daytime to help you solve them.

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