Everything About Membership Fees

The board has decided that the payment is made for a period of at least three months in advance. The bank account number is provided below. For the variable symbol, use the member ID that every member sees in vpsAdmin – the Membership Admin section, first column (ID) (NOT the ID of the virtual server!).

If you want to check your previous payment, you can look at the bank statement of our CZK transparent account or at bank statement of our EUR transparent account in Fio banka.

Bank Account Details

For the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is possible to pay the membership fee by domestic bank transfer. The bank account of the civic association is managed by the FIO bank.

  • Czech Republic: 2200041594/2010 (FIO-CZK)
  • Slovakia: 2601502873/8330 (FIO-EUR)
  • IBAN CZK: CZ0420100000002200041594
  • IBAN EUR: SK2083300000002601502873
  • BIC: FIOBCZPPXXX (Czech Republic)
  • BIC: FIOZSKBA (Slovakia)

ID: 26568055, Tax ID: CZ26568055

We are not VAT payers.

What the Membership Fee is Composed of

  • one VPS requires a membership fee of 300 CZK or 12 EUR
  • the VPS parameters (RAM and hard drive) can be doubled – this increases the fee to 600 CZK or 24 EUR
  • one extra IPv4 address – 100 CZK or 4 EUR
  • more hard drive space in the VPS for 2 CZK or 0.10 EUR per 1 GB
  • additional space on a network NAS is paid in increments of 150 CZK or 6 EUR per 250 GB
  • 300 CZK or 12 EUR is the minimum possible membership fee

Suspending Objects, Expiration

Administrators have the option to suspend individual virtual private servers, which is used if a VPS gets hacked.

Membership expiration is not managed by a person but by vpsAdmin itself. If you fail to pay the membership fee by the date given in the notification email, your account will be suspended. Your membership will be terminated in the following three weeks.

Payment Acceptance

Incoming payments are accounted into vpsAdmin several times a day. The member is notified via e-mail when a payment is accepted.

The payment is accepted only when the variable symbol matches and the received amount is a multiple of the membership fee. Should you forget to send the variable symbol, we will try to match the payment manually at a later time. If we're unable to find matching vpsAdmin account using a name, you will have to contact our support.

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