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vpsAdminOS is a host system for containers developed by We use it to run our VPS.

About vpsAdminOS

vpsAdminOS is a spin of NixOS. The host system is rather small and includes only management services, as it focuses on running everything else in Linux system containers. vpsAdminOS is interconnected with vpsAdmin, our control panel. It is however also usable outside of's infrastructure, e.g. on your home server.

If you're interested in our stack and how vpsAdminOS works, see

Staging environment

In order for all members to test VPS on vpsAdminOS, we've created so called staging environment. It's similar to playground, where everyone can create a VPS. When creating a VPS, just select location Staging and deselect Keep platform. The VPS will be created on a vpsAdminOS node.

It's terms of use are similar to playground VPS, only it can be a bit rougher, like unplanned outages and reboots when we need to fix something. Everyone can use up to 8 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 120 GB disk space, 4 public IPv4 addresses and 32 IPv6 /64 addresses. You can split these resources among 4 VPS.

You can either create a new VPS or clone an existing production VPS.

More about vpsAdminOS

Reporting bugs and ideas

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