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IRC Bouncer

Bouncer is a program that is connected to the IRC server instead of you, even if your IRC client is offline. You don't connect to the IRC server directly, but to the bouncer. It works like a proxy. People can send you messages even if you're offline and you'll read them once you connect to the bouncer.

We're hosting ZNC bouncer for our members. If you'd like to use it too, contact an admin on IRC or write to support.

Connection details:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6697
  • SSL: yes
  • Login+password: username and password you have received from us.

The bouncer is configured via the web administration at


There is a bot in our channel called vpsfbot. It archives messages and responds to commands. The source code is available at github.

[01/26] IRC Bot v0.1.0
[02/26] =========================
[04/26] Channel commands:
[05/26]     !archive [which]              get URL to the web archive
[06/26]     !greet <user>                 introduce a new user to
[07/26]     !help [command]               show help
[08/26]     !lastlog [n]                  print N last messages, defaults to 10
[09/26]     !ping                         play a game of ping pong
[10/26]     !rank                         show your rank
[11/26]     !status                       show cluster status
[12/26]     !top [n]                      show top N users
[13/26]     !uptime                       show bot's uptime
[15/26] Private commands:
[16/26]     archive [which]               get URL to the web archive
[17/26]     greet <user>                  introduce a new user to
[18/26]     help [command]                show help
[19/26]     lastlog [n]                   print N last messages, defaults to 10
[20/26]     ping                          play a game of ping pong
[21/26]     rank                          show your rank
[22/26]     status                        show cluster status
[23/26]     top [n]                       show top N users
[24/26]     uptime                        show bot's uptime
[26/26] Use !help <command> to get help for a specific command.

The bot responds to commands both in the channel and PM. There are two ways to call the commands in the channel: with a exclamation mark or addressing the bot using his nick:

14:28 < user> !ping
14:28 < vpsfbot> pong
14:29 < user> vpsfbot: ping
14:29 < vpsfbot> pong

Archive and last message log

The bot can be asked to print the URL address of the web archive:

14:30 < user> !archive
14:30 < vpsfbot>
14:32 < user> !archive today
14:32 < vpsfbot>

If you don't have a bouncer and wish to see what the people were talking about, you can either read the web archive, or you can have to bot send you a several latest messages to PM.

14:35 < user> !lastlog
14:35 <vpsfbot> [1/4] Last 3 messages from '#vpsfree':
14:35 <vpsfbot> [2/4] [2016-07-31 14:35:37] < someone> said something
14:35 <vpsfbot> [3/4] [2016-07-31 14:35:37] < someone> has replied
14:35 <vpsfbot> [4/4] [2016-07-31 14:35:40] < david> didn't say anything

Cluster status

Command status is used to query the state of our servers, e.g.:

14:39 < user> !status
14:39 < vpsfbot> 18 nodes online, 2 under maintenance, 0 down
14:39 < vpsfbot> Under maintenance: node1.prg, nasbox.prg

The bot is also monitoring the mailing lists, blog, news from vpsAdmin and changes in the knowledge base and informs about these events in the channel.


Whenever someone says something ingenious or stupid, we can give him +2 or -1. The bot is tracking these messages and saves karma of all users. Command top is used to see users with highest karma. Command rank shows your karma and your rank.

14:43 < aither> !top
14:43 < vpsfbot>  1. ewew (karma 10, 186 messages)
14:43 < vpsfbot>  2. aither (karma 3, 178 messages)
14:43 < vpsfbot>  3. snajpa (karma 2, 868 messages)
14:43 < vpsfbot>  4. ghormoon (karma 1, 276 messages)
14:43 < vpsfbot>  5. jirutka (karma 1, 241 messages)

14:44 < aither> !rank
14:44 < vpsfbot> Your rank is 2 of 23 users with karma 3 and 178 messages

Ways of giving or taking karma points:

  • <nick> +<n> (someone +1, someone +5, someone: +2)
  • <nick> -<n> (someone -1, someone -5, someone: -2)
  • <nick>++ (someone++)
  • <nick>-- (someone--)
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