Basic Information for New Members

The Payment Details to Pay the Membership Fee

  • Payments are sent to the bank account 2200041594/2010 (Czech Republic) or 2601502873/8330 (Slovakia).
  • IBAN: CZ0420100000002200041594, SK2083300000002601502873
  • Use the member ID as the variable symbol for the payment. You can find the member ID after logging into vpsAdmin in the Members section.
  • The same section also contains the date when your membership payment is due.
  • We prefer payments for three months in advance – either 900 CZK or 36 euro.
  • Further details can be found in the section on payments.

You will be receiving email reminders about membership payment as it will be due. If you know in advance that your payment will be late, please let us know so that we can avoid misunderstandings.

Can I check whether the payment has arrived?

Yes, the association has a transparent CZK bank account ortransparent EUR bank account. You can use the link to check for yourself whether the payment has arrived, as well as seeing movements of the money that the association has.

How can I control my VPS?

Log in to the vpsAdmin interface, go to the VPS section, click the server ID.

First, you will see a table where you can find the virtual server ID, the physical server it runs on, etc.

Directly under this table, you can see its IP addresses to which you can connect using SSH:

Before you can connect, you have to set root's password:

Or deploy your public key:

You can also login to the VPS using the remove console.

There are also forms to change your hostname, reinstall your VPS, etc.

How can I find out what traffic my VPS has?

In VPS details:

How are backups managed?

Is it possible to set up a PTR record?

All you need to do is to send an email to and provide the IP address (IPv4 and IPv6) and where the record should be directed.

Where can I look for further information?

If you have any remarks or questions, feel free to contact us.

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