Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems do you support?

We use a container virtualization of LXC in Linux. All of our users share a single Linux kernel, where they all have their own separate environments. Thus it is only possible to run Linux environments.

Can I use your services to host Windows or FreeBSD?

Not directly, but you can run other operating systems via kvm.

What advantages does LXC have?

Where do you store the physical servers?

Our servers are in the state-of-the-art Master Internet data center in Prague and Brno. We have only had the best experience with them for many years.

Have you thought about running from a RAM disk?

Our servers have such an amount of memory (256 GB) that most things run from RAM. The only thing that is written directly to the hard drive is synchronous writes. Moreover, those go through the SSD cache (ZIL) first and the cache is regularly rewritten to rotational drives. It is really fast.

Is it possible to host commercial projects here?

Of course. Yours would be neither the first nor the last one. Examples: EuroChange, GoOut, Trinerdis, Unitea, Webino

Of course. Approximately 40% of our members are companies and other legal persons.

Can you issue invoices?

Sure. Please send your invoicing details, user ID or nickname to podpora(at) See the payment details.

I have an idea or thought. Who should I contact?

We appreciate all activity! Make sure to write to us, preferably to our support email.

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