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Communication Channels

  • E-mail in case you have issues with your VPS, payment, membership, or anything that would require response from administrators
  • IRC and Matrix to chat with other members, administrators are also present
  • Discourse for discussion and when you need help with configuring your VPS, etc., team uses it for announcements

See Where to write?

Social Media

Postal Address

eBox (datová schránka): pzvwnyr z.s.
Nad Dalejským údolím 2699/9
155 00 Praha-Stodůlky
Czech Republic

Bank Account Details

For the Czech Republic and Slovakia, it is possible to pay the membership fee by domestic bank transfer. The bank account of the civic association is managed by the FIO bank.

  • Czech Republic: 2200041594/2010 (FIO)
  • Slovakia: 2200041594/8330 (FIO)

ID: 26568055 Tax ID: CZ26568055 We are not VAT payers.

Association Board

Chairman of the Board, Server Administrator

  • Pavel Šnajdr
    • Jabber: snajpa (at)
    • Email: pavel.snajdr (at)
    • Location: Brno
    • Phone: +420 720 107 791

Board Members

  • Tomáš Srnka
    • Email: tomas.srnka (at)
    • Jabber: tomas.srnka (at)
    • Location: Bratislava
  • Michal Štrál
    • Email: michal.stral (at)
    • Location: Praha
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