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About the Association

This section contains everything about the civic association.

The Philosophy of the Association

The association was formed as a direct reaction to the inflexibility and exorbitant prices of commercial web hosting services in the Czech Republic and the even worse situation in Slovakia. This is why we strive to operate our servers with greater care than most commercial providers do, while also providing greater transparency in everything related to our operation.

We do not try to hide anything, the vast majority of information about is public. You can find information about the means of communication that we use on a different page. We want both our members and the public to know what is going on in our association.

The primary goal of our association is operating virtual servers that can be relied upon in regard to both performance as well as stability. Our priority is giving our members a place for stable and fast running of web applications, high-quality support for these apps and space for experimenting, learning and playing with open-source internet technologies.

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