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NixOS is a distribution based on the Nix package manager. It allows one to declaratively configure the system and its services. This page describes NixOS specifics on's VPS. For more information about NixOS in general, see its documentation.

Supported versions

We provide templates for the stable releases and continually for unstable.

NixOS is used heavily at for its infrastructure and services, so we make sure that it works reliably. We use mainly the current stable release. Our virtualization platform vpsAdminOS is actually based on NixOS and nixpkgs.

Initial configuration

The VPS is created from a template which contains a minimal system with SSH. You can log in using a generated password or deploy your public key using vpsAdmin. The system can then be configured using nixos-rebuild or any other deployment tool.

Note that our VPS are Linux containers, so there is no boot loader, the kernel is shared and some configuration is required for the VPS to work properly. The template installs this configuration into /etc/nixos/vpsadminos.nix, which is imported by /etc/nixos/configuration.nix. The up-to-date configuration module can be always found at

VPS management

See the VPS manuals for more information about our infrastructure and possibilies.

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