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GNU Guix System

GNU Guix System is a distribution based on Guix package manager. It allows one to declaratively configure the system and its services, a concept shared with NixOS. While NixOS uses the Nix language, Guix is built with Guile Scheme. This page describes Guix specifics on's VPS.


The VPS is created from a template which contains a minimal system with SSH. You can log in with a generated password or deploy your public key using vpsAdmin. The system can then be configured using guix system reconfigure. Since our VPS are containers, it is necessary to disable bootloader installation by adding option –no-bootloader.

System configuration is stored in directory /etc/config:

  • vpsadminos.scm contains configuration specific to our environment
  • system.scm loads vpsadminos.scm and is meant to be edited to configure the system
# . /etc/profile
# guix pull
# hash guix
# guix system reconfigure --no-bootloader /etc/config/system.scm

Known issues

  • Service vpsadminos-networking fails during system reconfiguration. The error is harmless, we intend to fix it when /run on tmpfs is implemented.
  • halt (graceful shutdown) has been observed to sometimes hang, please report in case it's still a problem.
  • cgroups v1 are not mounted. cgroups do not seem to be needed by the base system, contact us in case it's a problem for some service or submit a patch to the template.
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