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 ===== Changes in VPS behaviour ===== ===== Changes in VPS behaviour =====
-==== User namespaces ==== 
-VPS in vpsAdminOS are using so called //user namespaces//​. User namespace 
-means that your system user and group IDs are mapped to different values on 
-the host. For example, the root user in your VPS has UID 0, but from the 
-host's point of view, its UID is e.g. 666000. Every member has been assigned a 
-unique user namespace, which ensures that your data is isolated from other 
-users. In case an attacker manages to leave the container, he will not be able 
-to access data from VPS belonging to other members. 
-Every member is assigned a user namespace of 524288 user/group IDs. It means 
-that you can use UID/GID from 0 to 524287. All VPS from one member are in the 
-same user namespace. In the future, it will be possible to define custom 
-UID/GID maps for VPS and NAS datasets, which will let each member to isolate 
-his own VPS and yet share some chosen range of user/group IDs. 
 ==== General ==== ==== General ====
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