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PTR Records

Most often, we perform “forward” DNS lookups, i.e. we ask the question: “What IP address does this domain name have?” But there is also a way to do reverse DNS lookups, i.e. asking: “What domain name belongs to this IP address?” In order to do that, however, we need to write a reverse record into the DNS. These are known as PTR records. They contain the answer to the previous question: This IP address has the following domain name.

It is only possible to make one DNS record for each IP address. Keep in mind, however, that you need to make PTR records for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses separately.

PTR Record Management

All PTR records for the IP ranges of are delegated to our DNS servers. If you need to make a PTR record, contact our support. Our administrators will gladly configure a record for your domain name. Don’t forget to provide the IP addresses and the domain name where the record should be directed.


In the following example, we will first perform a forward lookup. Then we will perform a reverse lookup of the obtained address and get the same domain name. We will do the same for IPv6.

$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a01:430:17:1::ffff:427

$ host domain name pointer

$ host 2a01:430:17:1::ffff:427 domain name pointer

Why Is This Important?

As part of the war against spam, email servers usually check whether they have received emails from addresses that have correct PTR records. If the email is sent by a regular home internet connection, the PTR record and forward record typically do not match since the records are managed by a different administrator.

If you want to prove to the server that you are the server administrator and you can manipulate both types of record, configure both types of records the same way they are configured in the example above. A PTR record for the given address must return the domain name that leads to the same IP address.

If you need to configure an email server so that it accepts emails for several domains, see our Postfix server tutorial.

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