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 We are not VAT payers. We are not VAT payers.
 +===== Alternative Payment Methods =====
 +While we prefer bank transfers for their low fees, we recognize that
 +international transfers can be complicated and more expensive. Here is a list
 +of other payment methods which members sometimes use for international transfers
 +to our bank account:
 +  * https://​
 +  * https://​
 +If those do not work for you and you won't find a better way, it is also possible
 +to use [[https://​|PayPal]]. Payments can be sent to our account
 +at Please send us an email when you make a payment using PayPal.
 +And please make sure that there really isn't a better way.
 +If you have experience with some other service for international payments that
 +we could add here, feel free to let us know.
 ===== What the Membership Fee is Composed of ===== ===== What the Membership Fee is Composed of =====
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