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Projects of the Association

All projects are available in the form of Git repositories on and mirrored on GitHub.

In order to organize development, bug reports and idea collection, we have a Redmine, see where to report bugs and send ideas.

Repository Description
web The website.
vpsfree-client A client for
build-vpsfree-templates Scripts used to generate templates of distributions.
salt-configuration Physical server configuration.
vpsfree-irc-bot An IRC bot on our channel.


HaveAPI is a framework used for the creation of self-documenting RESTful APIs, which was originally created for the vpsAdmin API. However, it is a separate project. Thanks to the ability of the API to self-document, generic clients that do not need to know anything about the API beforehand can be used to communicate with such an API.

Repository Description
haveapi A framework for the implementation of API servers in Ruby.
haveapi-client A client library and CLI in Ruby.
haveapi-client-php A client library in PHP.
haveapi-client-js A client library in JavaScript.
haveapi-fs A file system based on FUSE.
haveapi-dokuwiki Authentication plugin for DokuWiki.


vpsAdmin is an interface used to manage physical servers as well as virtual servers and drive storages and other related things running on them. VpsAdmin was developed in order to meet the needs of the association and in the future we would also like to see it running outside of our infrastructure.

Repository Description URL
vpsadmin-api RESTful API based on HaveAPI, the framework used to create vpsAdmin.
vpsadmind A daemon running on all physical servers in a cluster
vpsadmindctl A CLI utility used to control vpsadmind.
vpsadmin-webui A web interface for the API based on HaveAPI clients.
vpsadmin-client haveapi-client adapted to the vpsAdmin API.
vpsadmin-doc vpsAdmin documentation.
vpsadmin-download-mounter Enables downloading backups of all servers from one place.
vpsadmin-console-router A router between clients and the backend for a remote console.
vpsadmin-mail-templates Auxiliary scripts used to generate and install email templates.
vpsadmin-project-manager Bulk management of all vpsAdmin repositories.
vpsadmin-vpsfree A vpsAdmin configuration specific to
vpsadmininstall An old vpsAdmin installer, currently not working.


Repository Description
spl A fork of
zfs A fork of
vzctl A fork of vzctl supporting several distributions and a remote console.

How to contribute

You can either attach patches to requests in Redmine, or you can make a pull request on GitHub.

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